core values

our core purpose

Make a difference in the lives of Our Customers, Employees and Community.

  • customers.

    We provide attentive and detailed construction management services. We use our extensive industry experience and current technology to service our clients while remaining sensitive to an ever-changing environment.

  • employees.

    To our dedicated employees we provide an open work environment that promises to nurture creativity, tolerance, professional development, safety, and a family environment. We strive to bring diversity into the workplace.

  • community.

    To our community we have a strong commitment to providing opportunities to local residents & women-owned businesses in the community to work with us as employees or subcontractors & contribute to our collective success.

good buildings come from good people, and all problems are solved by a good attitude.

Chang Zhen Lin
Director - Goldnest Construction

People United by a common goal and passion for people, our project team is second to none.

our core values

Our core values are the foundation by which Goldnest Construction was built.

  • ownership.

    We take ownership and accountability for the quality and ultimate success of the outcome of your projects.

  • solutions.

    We are proactive in providing excellent solutions for value-minded customers.

  • results.

    We achieve on time, on budget quality outcomes for the organization. We get everyone to focus on these results that matter.

our mission

We Have One Goal: To be the Leading Builder in Melbourne. Our focus and effort are continually driven toward constantly improving our reputation as a builder known for quality custom residential and upper residential homes and commercial projects.

our vision

As a residential and commercial builder, Goldnest adopts a disciplined and consistent approach each time we take on projects regardless of size or scale. Our strict internal processes and strength in project management have served our clients well in the past and will continue to do so in the future.